2012: Following a successful series of radio releases under Current Management, Scotty signed with Blue Sapphire/DEP/Universal Music Canada to release his first major album "Starting Over". This album was released across Canada in September of 2012.

On Remembrance Day of 2010, he released his tribute song "These Are Our Heroes". Click the link to learn more about this touching tribute for our brave men and women who serve in the Canadian Forces and in the Emergency Services - both domestically and overseas.

After much work and determination, Scotty completed his full-length album debut: NEW ROADS in the fall of 2008. It had been a longtime coming, but with assistance from many different people and organizations, Scotty reached the end of his first creative journey.

NEW ROADS is a blend of original soft melodic pop ballads infused with a mix of emotionally driven lyrical passages.

Below, you are able to listen to samples from the album. In addition to the new tracks, Scotty is keeping the original project material from his 2005 EP NO VACANCY available for sampling.

Scotty is thankful to everyone who has supported him throughout this process - your encouragment and motivation has certainly made this the best that it could possibly be.

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  • 2005 - NO VACANCY

  • 2009 - NEW ROADS

  • 2010 - These Are Our Heroes

  • 2012 - Starting Over